Prolyte Truss MPT-009 Prolyte-MP Tower-Kombi Top Teil

  • Kombitopteil mit Rollen zur Aufnahme sowohl einer 8mm Kette als auch eines 8mm Stahlseiles
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The MPT tower is based on H30V truss and uses a sleeve block that is suitable to fit any of the 30 or 40 series trusses. In combination with an adapter plate it is also possible to use the sleeve block with either S36R or S36V truss. The MPT tower has an self-weight of 115 kg. The MPT tower is a cost-effective investment. You only have to buy the special parts if you wish to expand your truss system with towers.
Kategorie: Tower Parts und PA Wings
Artikelnummer: MPT-009
Hersteller‍: Prolyte

Video - MPT-Roof